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The new automotive software marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together to accelerate the development process of software-defined vehicles.

Reduced cost, time and complexity

Higher quality
of software

Improved resource

Improved revenue
for sellers

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SDVerse is a game-changing buying and selling marketplace focused on the commercialization of automotive software, enabling the software-defined future of the industry.

This independent marketplace was developed in collaboration between GM, Magna, and Wipro, and is available to all OEMs, suppliers, and other companies with relevant software offerings and tools.

Founding partners:

Launch partners:

Explore the

Product attributes

Detailed list of attributes providing in-depth information about the product

Product comparison

Selected products are shown in a side by side comparison table; products can be bookmarked or directly be clicked to view

Smart search function

Search engine enables direct product search has integrated advanced filtering, and learns from previous search queries

On-demand media

Supplier media material providing a visual information channel for buyer groups

One-Stop-Shop for handling of the procurement process

The marketplace offers options to engage in direct communication between buyer and seller on the marketplace and it keeps track of the entire procurement roadmap with project folders

No additional fees for buying
or selling products!

SDVerse follows an annual subscription fee model – it does not charge any fees for buying or selling products on the marketplace. Once a connection is made between a buyer and seller, negotiations and financial transactions take place outside of the marketplace.

for Buyers

Transparency of software offerings and capabilities in the market

Reduce Costs

  • Better make vs. buy decisions
  • Reduced engineering spend

Increase agility

  • Optimize engineering resources for maximum efficiency through make-or-buy decisions
  • Increase focus on high value software

Accelerate development timelines

  • Increased sourcing visibility
  • Faster procurement decisions

for Sellers

Industrywide commercial platform for automotive software

Accelerate software commercialization

  • Enable software centric business models
  • Drive software specific value

(Re-) Position your brand

  • Demonstrate software capability
  • Post new products and updates at any time

Drive new business

  • Industrywide marketing in one platform
  • Lead generation and analytics


What is the SDVerse software marketplace?
Why was the SDVerse software marketplace created?
How does the SDVerse software marketplace work?
What motivated the Founding Members to collaborate on this initiative?
What industry challenges does SDVerse software marketplace address?
What are the marketplace key benefits to users?
What is the business model of the SDVerse software marketplace?
How is the SDVerse software marketplace unique?
When will I be able to use SDVerse software marketplace?
Is this marketplace exclusive to the automotive industry?
How can I stay connected with the latest updates on SDVerse software marketplace?


“Automotive grade software development is rapidly transforming and we all need to ask ourselves how we get customers really unique, differentiating features faster. Part of that is identifying the common underlying code that can be shared in the name of higher quality and lower costs for our end customers. This first-ever software marketplace creates an independent, industry-driven one-stop-shop for embedded systems software, significantly expanding access to new innovations, helping to drive down cost, and allowing companies like GM to implement critical software more quickly.”
Dan Nicholson
Vice President, Strategic Technology Initiatives, General Motors
“Magna’s participation in SDVerse is driven by our ongoing commitment to foster collaboration and drive the automotive industry forward. By embracing this innovative marketplace, we aim to create a more interconnected ecosystem that encourages OEMs, suppliers, and specialty software developers to collaborate and co-create cutting-edge solutions.”
Joerg Grotendorst
Senior Vice President, Corporate R&D, Magna
“The market for automotive software is expected to nearly double this decade, outpacing the growth of software development talent pools. The current paradigm for software sourcing will not be able to overcome this growing gap without sacrificing both profitability and the auto industry’s aspirations for software defined vehicles. SDVerse addresses these pain points, offering a wide range of benefits across the industry.”
Harmeet Chauhan
Global Head Engineering Edge, Wipro
“At FEV, we rethink mobility every day. We believe that it has to be part of a digital ecosystem based on innovative software solutions and IP-enabled engineering that is accessible to everyone. For a sustainable, safe and connected world. As a proud launch partner of SDVerse, we are taking the next step to fulfill our commitment.”
Patrick Hupperich
President and CEO, FEV Group
“FORVIA is excited to be part of a marketplace for automotive software that is shaping the future of mobility. We believe that software will play a critical role in defining how we move, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformation.”
Kay Talmi
Head of Global Technology and Innovation, Forvia
“The automotive industry is currently witnessing a shift toward software-defined vehicles, while their fundamental role as mobile entities remains unchanged. HL Mando stands out among companies possessing Vehicle Motion Control solutions due to its in-house technology expertise in brake, steering, suspension, and ADAS, and its swift transition into a software-oriented company, enabling HL Mando to offer a full spectrum of solutions, from integration to turn-key supply. HL Mando is committed to contributing Vehicle Motion Control solutions to SDVs, ensuring high-performance and safety, ultimately making SDVs smarter. Through our engagement in the SDVerse, HL Mando aims to showcase its technological prowess, explore new market opportunities, and spearhead the emergence of high-performance, safe SDVs.”
Hongyong Bhae
CTO, HL Mando
“To successfully manage the complexity and support the fast integration of automotive innovations, vehicles have to become open and software-defined, moving away from a closed and inflexible hardware-defined approach. The software-defined vehicle (SDV) revolution requires a transparent marketplace that offers broad software product insights to streamline the deployment of new vehicle capabilities. We have been investing in software across our complete portfolio, and as the SDVerse semiconductor Launch Partner, we value the opportunity to help contribute to the success of the marketplace. NXP has a clear path to provide valuable automotive software solutions to global automakers that remove SDV entry barriers, reduce complexity and accelerate time to market.”
Sebastien Clamagirand
Senior Vice President Automotive Marketing at NXP Semiconductors
“Valeo is thrilled to partner on SDVerse, the industry’s first B2B software marketplace set to transform the procurement of automotive software assets and benefit the entire ecosystem. This ground-breaking initiative is integral to Valeo anSWer, our journey toward becoming a Software-Driven Company. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge software solutions and look forward to collaborating with peers to develop new generations of vehicles that are safer, smarter and continuously updatable throughout product life cycles”
Jeffrey Shay
President, Valeo North America

SDVerse Panel Discussion: Pioneering the Vehicle Software Marketplace

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